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Tyvek Install

There are videos below if you want to jump straight into some visuals…

Otherwise, let’s cover some background knowledge about house wrap before getting to the installation.
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Getting Residential Construction Leads

  • Spread the Word – You finally know your stuff. That’s wonderful, but does anyone else know about it? Referrals are gold. Have you called up everyone you have ever known to let them know what you are offering? Even the people that you don’t like will help spread the word through gossip.
  • Personal Introductions – Hunt down every realtor in the area and personally introduce yourself. Nick also left them with a business card because they will see it a few more times and think of his face. The more people see you, the more they become comfortable with you.
  • Impressive Portfolio – Keep 10-15 good pics of your best work handy. This builds trust because it shows them that you can do what you say you can. People trust what they see. Then they tell other people about it when they know they’re looking because everyone wants to be helpful.
  • First Impressions – Never disagree with anything people say unless you know them well. Would you make a deal with someone if they disagreed with you? Me neither. Sell them on a bigger vision later if needed.
  • Effective Bidding – As the saying goes, “nobody buys a drill because they need a drill. What they need is a hole.” Stop trying to sell construction materials and labor. Focus your proposals around solving their problem. For example, The Smith family doesn’t just want a finished tv room. What they want is to finally have “that place” where the entire family can get together and enjoy each other. All purchases are based on emotion.

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