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How I Got My First Customer

First Customer

My First Win with BidVoice

Ring ring. “Hello,” I said.

“Hey boy, this is Mitch. Have a story for ya. Got a minute?”

“Sure,” I reply.

He then proceeds to tell me what I have been waiting to hear for several weeks:

“I have this customer who calls me randomly every 2-3 months wanting his lawn trimmed. The problem is that I have a heck of a time getting paid on this job. Anyway, today I tell the guy that I need a check before I leave his house or I cannot cut his grass anymore. He said, ‘I’ll pay you when I get a bill so that I have a receipt.’ I said that’s fair, whipped out my phone, sent him his invoice right there, and told him it’s waiting in his inbox. I had his check in my hand 5 minutes later, and all he said was ‘that was fast.’ …”

Mitch is a contractor that used to complain about the complexity in software programs when all he wanted to do was bill customers by email. One day I said, “I’ll make an easy one if you’ll be my guinea pig.”

Simple story, but that is how I earned my first paid customer.

Building something for a specific person and giving out your personal phone number may not scale very well, but it builds the right foundation in the early days. At least I think so.

Do you remember your first customer? Tell me about it in the comments.

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