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Pioneering The New Grass Roots SAAS Business Model

grass roots campaign

Here is what I have been thinking about:

  • No outside funding or raising prices to pay investors
  • Remaining a private company to maintain the interests of our users
  • Just one plan that has all the features
  • One price that doens’t increase with new features
  • Everyone gets the new features as part of their current subscription
  • Minimal price increases that are no more than current inflation
  • Users don’t pay higher prices just so we can do more marketing

This type of plan only works if our users (you) are willing to tell others about our website and what we do. If you have a company website and enjoy our service, link to us as a partner. Talk about us on social media. Send us a message about your business/website, and we will feature you in a blog post with a link and a shout out.

We can do this together.

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